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Influencers Today

Jun 19, 2019

I met Jessica Gottlieb in Paris – which is far from her home in Los Angeles. I invited her to attend a Huawei event we hosted. Jessica is an influencer who loves (in no particular order) technology, cars, her children, her hometown of Los Angeles, and her husband.

Some 12 years ago Jessica started a blog to chronicle the illness of her dear friend. She was angry and upset – and wanted to share these experiences. She learned a lot about the online community. People were there for her to listen and offer support. Following the death of her friend, Jessica swapped anonymity for infamy and became a very vocal blogger.

I’m not allowed to call her Mommy, but she self-identifies as a Mommy blogger. Jessica shares insights and observations about her role, and the oddities of parenting. She’s adept at guarding the privacy of her children – but her universal observations are applicable to all parents. Reading her witty posts I am reminded of Erma Bombeck, the columnist-comedian.

Please join me in a fun conversation with a wry observer of the upside-down world of parenthood and Los Angeles.